Archery Elk Hunting

Elk are huge animals. Most hunters don't realize just how big they are until they see them live for the first time. To be successful at archery elk hunting you need to be a good shot.

You also need to understand the animal; where they walk, where they like to feed, where they drink and their habits. Understanding your prey is the first step in the journey to becoming successful in archery elk hunting.All animals need to drink, so any fresh water source is a good place to set up camp. If you wait near their water source, they're bound to show up sooner or later.

They also tend to linger around the densest treed areas of the region.Elk feed on grass and some berries, such as strawberries, snowberries and blackberries. Finding these food sources could be your first step in creating a stand.

Where the food is, the elk will follow.You can also set up a stand on the ground or in a tree. You might have to sit in that stand for hours, so you should make sure it has everything you need and is comfortable enough. Try setting up several stands and alternating between them, that way you give each stand time to "air out." Human scent can linger for days, and elk will tend to avoid such places.

Since elk are so big, you also need a bow that packs a considerable punch. Your arrows should be big enough to make a clean kill, and you need to practice long hours to develop the skill needed to make a good enough shot to kill them.When practicing to shoot an elk, make sure you are wearing the same gear you'll be wearing when you're in the field. Shooting a bow clad in heavy coats and camouflage is a whole lot different than firing while wearing a T-shirt. This small difference could mean the difference between a successful shot and a failed one.

When archery elk hunting, some hunters use a cow call, or a method called bugling, which works well when the animals are in heat and rutting. Most hunters of elk will recommend using the cow call.Archery elk hunting can be a daunting task. They are huge animals and you have to be a good enough shot to kill it quickly. Learn the vital parts and only make a shot when you're almost sure to make a good one.


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By: Ted Lake


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