Boxing Sparing Robot Hit Me but I Hit Back Too

Most Boxing Sparing partners for the big name boxers get paid to get beat up on. But what if we could save that money and build a robot to take the brunt of those hard-training workouts? And while we are doing this why not program in the very best fighters that they may go up against into the robotic sparing partner? Could this be done?.Apparently we have all the technology we need to build a sparing boxing robot that could knock you on your butt! But would anyone buy one if we built them? This subject is currently being discussed in an online think tank and one guest member asked the most obvious question; "Robots that mimic people and can take a punch would be expensive. How much would a training facility be willing to pay for one?".

Well if we consider the smaller inner city type boxing training facilities, probably only about $1800-2400 but if we could make lease payment arrangements we could sell them to Cowboy Bars, Professional Boxing Training Facilities and even inner city boxing locations. I believe that we could in fact charge up to $10,000 and they could quickly pay for themselves. 10-Rounds with the sparring robot for $30.00 or until you gave up, which ever came first.They could be mounted in the ring underneath and pop up into the ring and the original versions could be made stationary, like a mechanical bull-ride.

The optical flow sensors would judge incoming punches, block and return based on the program set?.For instance the computer brain cartridge or CD could be for Sugar Ray Leonard or the latest Boxer to with the Sylvester Stalone Reality TV "Contender Series" style. A subscription could also be made for up and coming boxers and fighters mailed each month for $25.00 and a routine maintenance contract for $150.00 per month plus parts; similar to copy machine maintenance contracts. So, this is a viable business and we must consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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