Fishing for beginners!

So you've decided you'd like to learn to fish. Looks like a great way to relax, enjoy yourself, and doesn't require any type of super-human strength or stamina. The answer? Fishing 101.

What do you need to begin fishing? Not very much in reality. Here is a basic list of requirements.

1. A fishing license as required by your state. (Heck, even Wal-Mart sells them in many states.)

2. A fishing pole with a reel of your choice. (Go simple to begin with.)

3. You'll need fishing line for your reel. 8-10# test line (a measure of strength) will be adequate.

4. Hooks, split shot, a small pack of plastic bobbers, and a bag of plastic worms. (Or, even a bag of gummie worms!)

Of course the number one requirement is TIME. If you have a lake, river, pond, etc. in close proximity to your home, a couple of hours will do the trick to begin with. I used to love to get home from work in the evening, shed my suit, jump into a pair of jeans
and an old t-shirt, and go spend a couple of hours just sitting by the lake. Didn't matter if I caught anything, I as looking for relaxation.

My two grandsons, one 15, the other 16, have gotten into fishing big time. They usually go out in the evening after school work is completed, and of course there's the weekend!

The boys have gone past the fishing 101 stage now, and both have landed large mouth bass in the past couple of weeks that have pushed the 5-pound weight. The oldest one has announced that once he gets out of school and gets a job, he's going to
buy a bass boat "so I can fish for bass for real".

And, many is the evening I've driven past the local lake and seen couple is lawn chairs, poles in hand and tiny red and white bobbers swaying back and fourth on the water. True relaxation at it's finest.

It doesn't cost a lot of money to get into the sport of fishing either. In fact, just starting out you can get buy with a rod and reel combo for around $20. Bobbers, split shot and some artificial worms will probably run another $10. The license fee will vary from state
to state.

What to fish for? Well, you sure have a wide choice here! Trout, bass, perch, carp, blue gill, etc. It all depends upon your area, but bass fishing is one of the most popular.

So if you're looking for a relaxing sport that can be enjoyed by all, no matter your age, male or female, consider taking up fishing. There's nothing better than stealing off for an hour or two and wetting a worm. Who knows.. you might even catch something!

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