Free Basketball Picks

Free Basketball Pick #1.Raptors @ Nuggets: Offense! The Nuggets have the highest home PPG (points per game) in the NBA, and the Raptors allow over 100 a game. Chris Bosh is having a terrific January; can Kenyon Martin shut him down? The Raptors will need help from their bench.

This is going to be an over written all over it. Bet the over as our free pick. Predicted Score: Denver wins 113-109.Free Basketball Pick #2.Nets @ Jazz: These are two teams that play similarly but execute how they play very differently. The Nets have Kidd, Jefferson and Carter to go to in the clutch.

Utah however has a scorer by committee system going on. Utah will need a big committee to overcome New Jersey and I do not see them getting it done today. Predicted Score: New Jersey wins 88-84.Free Basketball Pick #3.Rockets @ Bucks: Milwaukee is a team that has no problem scoring.

Houston was averaging only 85 a game without T-Mac. Take away him and Yao and bunch of others and PRESTO you got a blowout. Houston isn't so much a defensive team as they are a team that slows it down.

They won't have enough to dent the Bucks. Predicted Score: Milwaukee wins 101-80.

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By: David Pincus


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