Lance Armstrong for Ambassador to the EU

Is Lance Armstrong single handedly re-uniting the United States and France?.Can we use the sports world to unite us as cultures? The Olympics does this to some degree, but the Tour de France has certainly taken the headlines and helped us become closer again. With Basso from Italy, many French riders and Ulrich from Germany, perhaps we are witnessing what strength of character can do for the human race. The individual will of an entity in competition and sports and test of human spirit has shown us all is possible.So then, why not build soccer camps and stadiums and training facilities and 10 soccer fields abreast every five miles along the borders of Israel. With a population and average age 23 years old that is one heck of a lot of testosterone running around with not much to do or future to look forward too.

Why not involve them a fun sport and test of personal character through hard work and training, contests of skill and talent? Think what this can lead too, I have witnessed that sports build character and propel achievement in other categories. Such as study in education, leadership and scientific breakthrough.By having this instilled in the young in other cultures we can help build a stronger tomorrow and soccer is a sport, which is played world-wide.Instead of strapping a bomb to one self why not some soccer shoes to the feet.

We need to cross the divide and unite the world. Lance Armstrong when he retires should be the ambassador to the European Union.

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By: Lance Winslow


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