Luxembourg vs Germany

Freibourg, Germany 05.27.2006

Luxembourg is one of the tiniest countries in Europe, and is also one of the ones with less or none achievement at all in soccer. Luxembourg last made it to a European Soccer Championship in 1963, and to date this is the greatest claim to soccer fame for Luxembourg sandwiched between France, Germany and Belgium.

The Luxembourg Soccer Association's naming of former Danish star Allan Simonsen as head coach in January 2002 indicates a new level of commitment. The European player of the Year in 1977 was asked to nurture young talent and build a strong national team for the future.

Luxembourg has participated in every qualifying stage since 1934 and it has not qualified in any. In this year qualifying stage they ended with no points and no goals in last place of their group.

Among the accomplishments Germany has gained over the years we can quote; three times world cup winner, four times vice world champion, two third places in a World Cup, three times European championship and two times runners up in a European championship.

Also they participated in all the World Cups since 1954 and have played in all European championships since 1972.

With a quick look at the history of this country it's easy to figure out why they're one of the favorite teams to win this year edition of the World Cup. On top of that, they're the hosting country, which adds more in their favor; since all the games they play will count with the support of the entire country.

So with that said we can add that Germany like all the other national teams will use these friendly matches to fine-tune those last minutes details that can make a big difference when it comes to important tournaments like this, mostly when a team is so young like this they can't leave any room for error.

The Germany team needs to give a good performance in this World Cup in order not to let their fans and their country down.

In order to do that, they need to make the best of this friendly match to be fully prepared for the tournament.

These matches are fun to watch since there's are no points at stake the teams play lose and without pressure; that's why if you like sports betting this is a good chance to bet on your favorite team.

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