NBA Predictions Is Darius Miles Good For Portland

Best: Blazers @ Pacers: No Darius Miles this time around, but at least the Blazers have Randolph. Steve Blake has been starting for Portland because under Telfair they were dead last in the League in assists. However Blake doesn't provide the offense the same way Telfair does and Portland does have a problem scoring.

Indiana is going to win this game, the question is by how many points? Depending on the spread in the game, the Blazers might be the right bet. Predicted Score: Indiana wins 89-86.Runner-up: Magic @ Bucks: Andrew Bogut has turned out to be just okay. But Dwight Howard, who is leading the NBA in rebounding, has progressed a lot farther.

Neither have a go-to offensive game and the one who adds one will up being the better player. Bucks should win a tight one at home. Predicted Score: Milwaukee wins 100-96.

Blowout: Cavaliers @ Timberwolves: Cleveland and Minnesota are both awful road teams so there's clearly an edge to the T'Wolves today at home. Ricky Davis should play well against his former team. And Marko Jaric is well overdue for a good game. A particularly profitable betting system going against the Cavaliers is when they are pitted against a Western Conference foe on the road. Predicted Score: Minnesota wins 91-78.

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By: David Pincus


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