Running and Athletic Shoe Mouth Morphing for Perfect Fit

Any athlete will tell you that the shoes used in their sport have to be of the finest quality to prevent injury and enhance performance. A shoe, which does not do its job can easily and unfortunately allow an ankle to turn or sprain. Not so funny in the high-paced fast-action world of professional sports.

Or even hometown High School foot ball games, soccer tournaments or track meets.Shoes must be flexible and comfortable; too tight and they will not allow proper movement, too lose and they could cause injury or come off at an inappropriate time? Sounds funny, well just ask any athlete how funny it is when that happens to them on a big play? As a high-intensity athlete I can tell you at that point how important shoes really are in sports.By having parameters set on your shoes and the shoe mouth, you shoe would be relaxed and then tighten up like a fighter pilot "G-suit" when you needed it. It would sense a strong side loading, quick stop or pivot and tighten, then relax to the normal competitive position, During times such as time outs, breaks, huddles it would totally relax like a slipper, but if your pulse rate went up fast, it would tighten and be ready. All this is possible now; we have all this technology.We also know that sporting events like the Olympics, Tour de France and other major events draw in sponsorships and nation spending on sport R and D.

From bobsleds, to tennis rackets to bicycle racing, but consider this shoes are used in all these events, so it makes sense. Phil Knight thinks so; so may we should "Just Do It!" after all. Think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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