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In the last article "Strategic Wagering for Major League Baseball," the basics of straight and side bet wagering were explained. By understanding those basics you can garner an understanding of strategic and tactical wagering. As a MLB sports enthusiast, you enjoy the game and follow teams and players. If you're really into it, you're probably able to rattle off the stats of a majority of the teams, knowing all the important facts and figures.

You feel you have a firm understanding of a team's potential to win or lose. If that's the case, then you're ready to test your MLB knowledge and analytical abilities against those of the professional handicapper. Assuming you have basic understanding of straight bets, run lines, money lines and over/under wagering, you need to consider the more esoteric forms of wagering, such as specified pitcher, parlays, if bets and reverses.

Major League Baseball is one of the most unpredictable and fickle bettors' games in all of sports. Many enthusiasts can recall incredible strings of statistics, history and facts about their favorite team. To the casual observer, some of this data may seem trivial, such as a pitcher's ERA in day games verses night games or perhaps the win/loss record when a particular umpire is behind the plate.

All things considered, they are not trivial to the baseball aficionado. They are "clues" that must be considered when wagering on an outcome. Sorting through the endless amount of information is a challenge, sometimes making analysis a daunting task.

Baseball, a game bound by the laws of physics, often conforms to probable outcomes. However, like any game, there are often improbable outcomes, making handicapping difficult.

In the game, there exists that important and unpredictable element of human interaction. One thing any bettor has to realize is that in making intelligent bets based on stats, former player performance and a team's present line-up, they can never be right 100% of the time. In fact, professionals who are genuinely skilled at handicapping are right approximately 60 to 65% of the time. If you're going to wager in a variety of ways, going beyond the straight bet, run line and money line, then you must use every resource you possibly can.

This means that a good Internet sportsbook can be invaluable to helping you achieve success.

Many have called MLB the most cerebral of sports. Odds makers use various strategies in determining the favorite, always analyzing a range of the most recent team and individual player statistics. Home field advantage, field surface, and time of game are also considered. The experts do not base their decisions on hunches, and you shouldn't either.

With the Internet, there are numerous wagering opportunities that didn't exist a decade ago. Here are some bets, beyond the basic ones, in which you can engage.

One specified pitcher: A bet is placed against a specified pitcher, regardless of the other starting pitcher.

Both specified pitchers: A bet is placed that specifies both starting pitchers as posted, any change in pitchers constitutes no action.

If Bets: A combination of conditional straight bets (2-6 picks) in one single play. Wager a fixed amount on one team, and if that team wins, bet another fixed amount on a different team.

Single action if bet: Play continues if previous play wins only.

Double action: Play continues if previous play wins, pushes or cancels.

Reverses: A combination of 2-8 picks combined in all possible two team If bets and then reversed. Reverses are always double action.

Parlays: Consist of picking teams or totals and combining them together into a single play, or wager, creating only one risk. Parlays then, are basically a collection of straight bets. The trick to parlays is that all your straight bets must win for you to win your bet, however the payout is much better than you would realize on single straight bets.

For example: Let's say you bet $100 on the Mets. You risk $110 to win $100 (the juice on a straight bet is 10%). Then you place a separate $100 bet on the Giants.

Again, you risk $110 to win $100. That's $220 to win $200. If you had bet the same $200 in a 2-team parlay you would have the chance to win $520 (This total includes your original wager of $200; thus if you do win, you're up $320, which is $120 more than you'd realize from your two straight bets.) The parlay payouts are as follows:

2 teams pays 13/5
3 teams pays 6/1
4 teams pays 11/1
5 teams pays 20/1
6 teams pays 40/1
7 teams pays 70/1
8 teams pays 100/1

How do you get started? Start looking for MLB wagering with an Internet search engine. Wow, there are so many sites! The Internet site you select should have a full section dedicated to MLB, providing live lines and odds, the latest information on baseball and expert commentaries. It should also take bets.

You'll find that some sites have daily live radio shows on the web about sports and sports betting. Additionally, the better sites create additional interest by sponsoring MLB wagering contests. Does the site you're considering offer other sports betting and wagering opportunities on all of your other favorite sports, including the NFL, NCAA football, the NBA, NCAA basketball, the NHL, soccer, horse racing, boxing and casino and card games?.

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