World Cup Fever How to Celebrate Win or Lose

On Friday 9 June the World Cup kicks off in Germany, signaling for those in the football world the start of many heady summer days jostling for prime position in front of a TV screen.With the scene set, the mood is ripe for a good party and yet for only a small proportion of fans will results alone be able to quench such heavy anticipation. Best then to turn some attention to alternative assists to celebration.

Maybe take a leaf out of the generously endowed Brazilian book - probably the nation with the least need for props but generally decked out with the most - from hats, wigs, whistles, tambourines and maracas to patriotic G-strings sporting the national motto - order and progress, the perfect style accessory for that post-match Copacabana beach party.Not to be outdone, fans here can also grab a G-string - an edible candy version - not quite as sultry but so much more traditional English football in style. Another big hit will surely be the giant beer swigging glass and inflatable beer bin; both items essential pieces of kit for all self-respecting footie parties.It seems though that most of the nation will be turning towards the pizza for home delivered party back-up. Domino's is placing orders for an extra 2 tons of pepperoni - the UK's favourite pizza topping - as well as 15 tons of mozzarella cheese, both kingpin ingredients of their newly launched World Cup guest pizza, the Football Fanatic.

As the football stakes rise, gourmet style TV dinners could be introduced to revelers. With some pre planning required and greater dexterity at the microwave controls a definite advantage, these versatile meals can be mixed and matched, the desserts sometimes even extending into the after match commentary.About half of all live football is watched in pubs, this figure rising during the World Cup games. Thus landlords across the land are now bracing themselves for hordes champing at the bit for some footie camaraderie and keen to throng the streets with a post match glow that owes nothing to the English climate.The game invokes a similar passion in Spain, pubs, clubs and bars already accustomed to all night partying now eagerly awaiting the chance for additional celebrations.

In Alicante the fiestas and fireworks of the main summer solstice carnival of Las Hogueras coincide neatly with the World Cup so the Costa Blanca is poised to be THE World Cup party capital. Fly here, see cheap flights to Alicante, to take part in the ultimate of celebrations and even if results don't go your way, your sun-warmed all over glow should still get you through the dark days ahead.


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By: Michael Hanna


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