Yamaha Snowmobile RX Warrior Snowmobile Sled of Choice

The Yamaha RX Warrior is the ultimate snowmobile machine. With a stock 145 horsepower, there is an enormous amount of 'get up and go' throughout the power band. Based on the Genesis Extreme engine, this 4-stroke, 3 valve, 998 cc engine comes with a Liquid Heated Mikuni BSR37 X 4 carbs.If you have not been working out in the gym, you might want to reconsider it as you'll need enough upper body strength to hold yourself on this extreme speed machine.

One slap of the throttle and your muscles tense up, your biceps attempt to hold your body on the sled and a frozen perma-grin etches into your face.The 2005 Yamaha RX Warrior is 11 pounds lighter than last years model and the smart folks at Yamaha accomplished this by using a lot of titanium, magnesium and aluminum components ? all light-weight snowmobile parts. They even added a new lightweight 4-piston brake caliper for added safety and reduced weight!.

Another reason the RX Warrior is a sled of choice is that it comes equipped with a long track for quality traction and comfort. If you are trail riding or drag racing at a sanctioned event, this snowmobile is a winner. The 136 inch Campoplast Rip Saw track and ProAction CK rear suspension applies the power to the trail where it belongs.

This Yamaha sled is available in Team Yamaha Blue/White, Candy Red, and Matte Black (Limited Edition). I prefer the Candy Red? but all three colors are sharp.Their suggested retail price is $9,599 to $9,699, but you can find them in the mid $8K's from most Yamaha dealers or eBay.

As an added bonus for those of us who are not 20 years old any more, the Yamaha engineers have included thicker seat cushions and higher handlebars to improve comfort when trails get slushy, bumpy or full of moguls.Just remember to hit the gym before snowmobile season so that you don't fall off when you hit the throttle!.


About The Author:.Joe Redline has been a Wisconsin snowmobile lover since he was just a young kid growing up on the farm in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. His first sled was a Ski Doo 9500 Blizzard, but after he grew up?Yamaha became his brand of choice.

He is currently dreaming of building a Hauck Powersports Turbo-enhanced Yamaha RX1 or RX Warrior. Joe recommends that you ride responsibly and check out the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs: http://www.awsc.


By: Joe Redline


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