The History of Archery - Archery is a pastime that possesses a rich and interesting history.

World Series Relief - Entrants in the 2006 World Series of Poker will be "relieved" to learn long lines outside the men's washrooms during breaks are history, as is the cardboard and plastic food sold in the lobby next to the card room.

About Playing Cards - There are a wide variety of playing cards.

Yamaha Snowmobile RX Warrior Snowmobile Sled of Choice - The Yamaha RX Warrior is the ultimate snowmobile machine.

Snowboarding Isnt Just For Kids Anymore - Pain and injury avoidance techniques for snowboarding are invaluable but not well known.

Is Troy Aikman a Hall of Famer - For the first time since 2001, a full compliment of six players was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Big Report Week - Another week has passed and Texas has continued to impress as the #2 team in the nation and a legit contender for the BCS Bowl game to play USC, but dates with Texas Tech and Texas A&M loom large on the schedule.

Atlantic Coast Conference - 2005 Predicted Order of Finish.

MidAmerican Conference - After 58 years as a conference, and eight seasons as a two division conference, the Mid-American Conference is one of the perennial conferences in football.

Hobbies Guitar - Playing the guitar is one of the most popular hobbies in America.

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