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Handy Fishing Accessories: The Essentials of Fishing

by Lydia Quinn

A good fisherman knows that fishing takes more than just rods, lines, reels, and lures; there are also a number of handy fishing accessories that can make fishing more convenient and efficient. Every fisherman's toolkit must contain these necessary accessories so that he can avoid being troubled over stubborn fish and hooks, and have more time to enjoy fishing.

A fisherman's tool, also known as fishing pliers, is a must-have for every fisherman. Fishing pliers are not the same as ordinary household pliers. The most common use of a pair of fishing pliers is to pry hooks from fish, particularly those that are embedded or stuck in the gullet. It can reach deep in a fish's mouth and safely remove a hook without much damage. A fisherman's tool is usually equipped with other accessories such as line cutters and knife blade. Most fishing pliers are especially made to be more rust-resistant than ordinary pliers.

A line clipper is another handy fishing accessory. It is similar to fingernail clippers and is used to cut lines. Attach the clipper to a lanyard and wear it around the neck; this will make the clipper easily accessible.

Another handy tool is a lure retriever. Although many fishermen do not think of this tool as necessary, it is especially convenient when a lure gets stuck under an obstruction such as a rock or a log. Since most fishermen would not want to dive in the water just to retrieve a lure, the lure retriever does the job. It is practically easy and simple to use.

A fish stringer is also essential, particularly if you're fishing from a boat or bank that does not have a live well. A fish stringer will ensure that you'll be able to keep your catch while keeping them alive. There are two types of stringer: rope and chain. A fish stringer is not very expensive and would definitely come in handy.

A reel repair kit is another of the must-have fishing accessories. It is particularly helpful for on-the-spot repairs and adjustments. A reel repair kit usually contains a set of small screwdrivers, reel oil, and adjustable wrench.

Every fisherman should also carry a bottle of sun block. Fishing is an activity that requires sun exposure, and too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer. In order to prevent skin cancer, sun block must be applied to all exposed areas.

Handy fishing accessories are usually easy-to-find; most of them can be bought at a tackle store or a sports shop. Moreover, most of these accessories are not expensive; in fact, all of these accessories right not even amount to $50 in total.

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