Sky Diving - Imagine floating over the vast expanse of the earth, cherishing the natural treasures as well as feeling the calmness of the sky.

Information on the US Open - The US Open will be going high tech this year.

Switzerland vs Ivory Coast - Basel, Switzerland 05.

UEFA Champions League Final Preview - As all the major domestic leagues have wrapped up, the Champions League final in Paris is the last major soccer event before this year's World Cup.

Boxing Sparing Robot Hit Me but I Hit Back Too - Most Boxing Sparing partners for the big name boxers get paid to get beat up on.

Switzerland vs Italy - After failing to qualify for the last two editions Switzerland claimed a place in Germany.

NBA Playoffs in - The 2006 NBA playoffs are off and running this year with many potential surprises on the way.

How To Stay Hydrated While Skiing - You want to save you money so you can ski more often and keep yourself hydrated at the same time? I'll give you some tips.

Portland Trail Blazers Dump GM John Nash Prior To Draft Day - With the Portland Trail Blazers in a sticky situation over ownership, and the draft day quickly approaching this NBA franchise made a rather bold statement in dumping their General Manager John Nash.

World Cup Fever How to Celebrate Win or Lose - On Friday 9 June the World Cup kicks off in Germany, signaling for those in the football world the start of many heady summer days jostling for prime position in front of a TV screen.

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